Masterwood MW21.31KS metal milling machine

Masterwood MW21.31KS metal milling machine
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Brand:  Masterwood
Model:  MW21.31KS
Type:  metal milling machine
Year of manufacture:  1992
Location:  Hungary Budapest
Placed on:  Jun 8, 2024
Machineryline ID:  QV39352
Condition:  used

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1992 Masterwood MW21.31KS
CNC drilling-milling machine
Electric throttle (throttle n° ) Electric throttle
11 fuggoleges + 6 horizontal
11 ftie:e:oleges + 6 horizontal + furrow
24.000 rpm
2.04. Noise level
The noise level of the cheetah
MW 12.25 KS/ MW 15.38 KS/ MW 18.38 KS/ MW 21.31 KS/ MW 21.42 KS
In accordance with 1SO7690 - EN848.3
level of acoustic noise Leą at the operator's load
the maximum power of the instantaneous acoustic footprint is less than
the acoustic difference under the LWA load is below
19,5 dB (A)
130 dB (C)
99,2 dB (A)
level of acoustic noise Leą at the operator's load: 82,5 dB (A)
the maximum power of the instantaneous acoustical noise is less than 130 dB (C)
the acoustic difference under LWA load is less than 103,4 dB (A)
The tests were carried out with a Bruel & Kjaer 223 I precision integral sound level meter
a Bruel & Kjaer 223 I precision integral sound level meter
a Bruel & Kjaer 223 I precision integral sound level meter and a Bruel & Kjaer 223 I precision integral sound level meter
Kjaer microphone of stage 2 and a Bruel & Kjaer calibrator
The tests were carried out in an environment with noise levels well above IOdB- el
below the above limits
Tests were carried out under load conditions with a fan
Fordulatszam/perccel 4000-18000
m/min at speeds from 1 to 6
Using a scooter l end-positioning bit/ 20
Date 2013.02.04
Test site Masterwood eplilets
NOTE: testido 8 sec. afterload
Declaration constant K= 4 dB (A)
Maximum speed of the tool (ke:)
Total extent of the tool - in itself
Extractor hose
electrical connector
pneumatic connector (from left to right)
from left to right)
Full extent of the tool kit - on itself + with unloader
water knob
pneumatic connector
electrical connector
Full extent of the tool kit - loading and unloading
electric socket
pneumatic socket
The working area
Furling unit
The buyer's reference
Standard Opcionalis
W-axis locet
1S030 line filler unit HSK F63 line filler unit
Drilling unit Suction cup Work table
Maximum boring depth (50 mm)
W-axis locet
Maximum height to the trolley (Z=200 mm)
2.0. Altalanos information and data
2.01. Half of the tool type
The machine is equipped with a fully automated workstation designed for drilling and milling
The components of the gepezet f6 are
1) Base level
The first level is the load-bearing structure
which is responsible for stabilising the gepezet
2) Work bench
Work table on which the workpiece can be placed
3) Milling machine
Electric fork to carry out the milling operations
4) Forklift
The handle used for the drill
5) Swirl/dust collection and removal unit
A stack of workpieces with an air intake system
6) Movable structure
A movable structure that supports and moves the airflow6 head on the workpiece
7) Controlled tilting
Provides for the guidance of the machine
8) Electric szreny
The location of the electrical and control system
9) Pump
This part is responsible for the supply of sufficient 6 maximum load to the workpiece to the workbench
to the workpiece
10) Tool holder
A storage area integrated in the tool set for the storage of tools and aggregates
11) Exit shack
Conveyor belt for the discharge of the cased elements
12) Hydraulic lift
Hydraulic lift 6 for lifting heavy loads
2.02. Use of the tool
The tool is designed and constructed for working with wood and similar materials. Fem
processing of ferrous elements is strictly prohibited! If you wish to work with materials other than wood
please contact
Ask for a permit!
Never be surprised by the speed of rotation on the tools!
For safety reasons
it is forbidden to carry out any modifications or alterations on the machine ! The
modifications not covered by the licence must be carried out on the
the remaining guarantee will lead to the cancellation of the contract! The use of the test 6
The use of the platform in a 6 manner is not allowed
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